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Text from event organizer:

“This year, nations of the world are expected to set ambitious new targets for protecting biodiversity. In much of the world, achieving spatial targets will require conservation of areas under private ownership. Throughout June IUCN will devote its Vital Sites webinar series to exploring the potential for privately protected areas (PPAs) for a sustainable future.

Bringing to life IUCN’s publication, Guidelines on Privately Protected Areas, this session will give PPA managers and supporters skills to enhance effectiveness and conservation outcomes. It will begin with brief presentations by PPA experts, the Guidelines authors, followed by a panel discussion with respondents on regional differences and subtopics of interest to participants, and take questions from the audience. This session is part of a year-long program initiated by BfN, the German Agency for Nature Conservation, and the WCPA specialist group on PPAs.”

Session one will lead off with the following topics:

  • Establishing a PPA – Brent Mitchell, QLF Atlantic Center for the Environment and Chair of the IUCN WCPA Specialist Group on PPAs, USA
  • Managing a PPA – Sue Stolton, Equilibrium Research, UK
  • Incentives for PPAs – Tracey Cumming, UNDP Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN), South Africa
  • Moderator – Kent Redford, Archipelago Consulting, USA