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November 6, 2021
11:45 am - 1:30 pm EDT
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To expose – at a global level – the critical situation of mountain ecosystems in the Tropical Andes, in the context of global climate change; thus fostering a debate that influences the formulation of ‘proposals for regional and international action’ for the protection of these natural spaces that are strategic for the generation and regeneration of biodiversity, agro-biodiversity and water security in the Andean territories.

The Tropical Andes are one of the regions with the highest degree of exposure and sensitivity to global environmental changes. Therefore, we will highlight the extreme weather events already faced by the northern (Colombia-Ecuador) and southern (Peru-Bolivia) regions of the Tropical Andes, and provide recommendations for their preservation – aimed at policy makers and decision makers – based on the implementation of climate justice mechanisms, environmental human rights and the recognition of nature as a ‘subject of rights’.

More info: https://cop26.euroclimaplus.org/index.php/en/detailed-agenda/full-calendar/eventdetail/75/-/protection-of-ecosystems-from-the-perspectives-of-climate-justice-gender-and-vulnerable-groups