our mission

Our mission is to conserve the biodiversity, ecosystem function, and environmental health of the Amazon headwaters by expanding the array of protected areas at national, regional, and local level while improving their management and long term financial viability. 

Our goals

1. The creation of new conservation areas in the headwaters of the Amazon.  We support the establishment of national-level protected areas, regional conservation areas, private conservation areas, conservation concessions, non-timber forest product concessions, and other land designations that provide legal protection and improve the conservation status of high biodiversity areas. 


2. Improved management of conservation areas. AAF invests in planning, monitoring, training, enforcement, infrastructure, and related services. Rather than funding recurring management costs, AAF prefers to provide initial support for newly created areas or make strategic investments that can reduce the threats to an area or increase capacity to address them. 


3. Securing long-term financing streams for the management of priority areas. AAF funds strategies such as payment for ecosystem service mechanisms, tourism, public-private partnerships, and more. 


Photos by Gabby Salazar and Trond Larsen.