The andes amazon fund works to ensure ecosystem viability in the amazon headwaters region.

Since 2015, we have focused our efforts on the area between the eastern Andes and the upper lowland Amazon.  This region hosts the world’s highest levels of species diversity and is the home of many indigenous communities. Therefore, it offers one of the best conservation opportunities in the world.

Protected areas are legally designated spaces designed to ensure the long-term preservation of nature and, in many cases, local and indigenous cultures. Examples of these areas include national parks, regional conservation areas, private conservation areas, and conservation concessions.  

                                  Our region of focus.

We help establish protected areas by awarding grants to non-profit organizations and institutions, supporting and monitoring the implementation process, and raising public awareness. The Andes Amazon Fund is primarily focused in Peru, but also has projects in Bolivia, Colombia, and Ecuador.

“If we act now to protect this region, we have a good chance not only to maintain its important climate role and astounding biodiversity, but also to provide a vital homeland for the indigenous people of the basin.”
— Dr. Adrian Forsyth, Executive Director

The staff of AAF is headquartered in Washington, DC. AAF is a project of New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity.  New Venture Fund hosts and incubates a wide range of conservation, education, global health, and other charitable projects. 

AAF is overseen by a strategic steering committee comprised of renowned Amazonian conservation experts and representatives of donor foundations. Additionally, a smaller advisory board constituted by the donors reviews each proposed grant, while the New Venture Fund Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for ensuring grantmaking procedures are maintained at a high level.

Photos by Ever Chuchullo and Haley Wiebel.