Here to protect life and land, from the Andes to the Amazon

Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador — these countries host the world’s greatest levels of species diversity, in addition to sustaining many indigenous communities. To safeguard their future, Andes Amazon Fund (AAF) has conserved and expanded these protected areas since 2015.

We award grants to nonprofits and institutions and invest in improved management of natural landscapes. We also raise awareness about the role that the Andes Amazon plays in the ecological health of our world. Together with our partners, we ensure the legal designation of natural wonders—allowing vital ecosystems to thrive now and forever.

Our Goals

  1. Create and expand conservation areas in the Andes and Amazon.
  2. Enhance management of protected lands with training and infrastructure.
  3. Find long-term resources to preserve and maintain high-priority areas.

“If we act now to protect this region, we have a good chance not only to maintain its important climate role and astounding biodiversity, but also to provide a vital homeland for the indigenous people of the basin.”

Dr. Adrian Forsyth, Strategic Advisor