Safeguarding the most diverse landscapes
on earth.

A Thriving Amazon is a Thriving World

The efforts we make today will create a stronger future for the Andes, Amazon, and beyond.

Photo © Haley Wiebel

Discover the Areas We Protect

Supporting the indigenous peoples and lands of the Andes and Amazon means supporting a healthy planet. It’s our goal to keep protected areas full of life—forever.

Finding Bold Solutions for Nature’s Biggest Challenges

It’s time to chart a path forward for the lands, people, and species of the Andes and Amazon. A thriving future is possible if we act now. Our team of experts aims to lead the way.

Photo © Gaia Amazonas

Connecting a Key Biological Corridor in Ecuador

Covering an area of 56,327 acres, Palora Municipal Conservation and Sustainable Use Area in Ecuador, created on December 16, connects the cloud forests of the eastern Andes to the Amazon…

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