The establishment of protected areas and Indigenous reserves throughout the Andes and Amazon wouldn't be possible without the hard work and dedication of our grantees. However, conservation doesn't just stop there. Our partners collaborate with local governments, leaders and communities to support management mechanisms that ensure these areas are made to last.

Get to know some conservation strategies below, including patrolling and monitoring capabilities to safeguard wildlife and the ecological function of these areas.


The expansion of Paltas Municipal Conservation Area in Ecuador in August 2020 brought its total size to 41,020 acres. Our partners work with the local community to ensure the sustainable harvest of tara and the restoration of degraded forests.


In an effort to minimize the burning of these precious Chiquitano forests and reduce damage to the local population and its biodiversity, Andes Amazon Fund partnered with grantee Fundación Natura Bolivia to organize fire prevention workshops and trainings.


The Amazon's Beating Heart in Peru consists of six regional networks in eight regions protecting over 4.4 million acres. Andes Amazon Fund supports their work through our grantee Amazónicos por la Amazonía.


Through centuries of traditional knowledge and subsistence practices, the Andoke Indigenous people have been careful stewards of their ancestral forests. This expansion guarantees the formal protection of their flora and fauna for centuries more.