Adrian Forsyth, PhD.

Adrian Forsyth, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Dr. Adrian Forsyth is the Executive Director and Founder of Andes Amazon Fund. His field work and conservation efforts have taken place in the most remote regions of the New World and Old World tropics for the past 45 years.

Adrian co-founded the Andes-Amazon Initiative at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Amazon Conservation Association, and Osa Conservation. He has served as Vice President of blue moon fund, Director of biodiversity at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and Vice President of Conservation International. He has also worked as a research associate at the Smithsonian Institution and the Royal Ontario Museum, and as a faculty member of Arizona State University in the Department of Zoology.

Adrian is the author of nine acclaimed natural history books and has developed five biological field stations in the Amazon and in Central America. He currently serves as President of the board of the Amazon Conservation Association and is the Board Chairman of Osa Conservation. He received his Ph.D. in tropical ecology from Harvard University under renowned biologist E.O. Wilson.

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