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Acres protected with the support of Andes Amazon Fund

Since 2015, AAF has helped establish 29 protected areas and title 7 indigenous lands. The total amount of land conserved is equal to to 9,340,172 acres (3,779,839 hectares). 

Areas created with AAF support: 

  • National Parks:  Sierra del DivisorYaguas, and Río Negro-Sopladora
  • Regional Conservation Areas: Maijuna-Kichwa, Tres CañonesAbuná, and Tahuamanu     
  • Municipal Conservation Areas: Santa RosaEl Chaco, Sigsig, and Río León-Condor
  • Private Conservation Areas: San Luis, Chuquibamba, Santuario La Veronica, Machusaniaca I & II, Fundo Cadena, Wayqecha, and Matoriato    
  • Conservation Concessions: Yaku Kawsanapa, Tijae Nain, Dase Nain, El Quinillal, Valle del Biavo, Alto Pilcomayo, Dos de Mayo de Muyuy, Guacamayo, Maquisapa, and El Sangapillal
  • Expansion of indigenous reserves (resguardos): Puerto Sábalo-Los Monos and Monochoa
  • Titled indigenous lands: Oori, Cametsari Quipatsi, San Pedro, Beu, and Koshireni

AAF continues to support the creation and expansion of protected areas and the titling of indigenous lands. Additional funding will allow AAF to extend its reach in Latin America and preserve more biodiversity.